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Rex the Sniper

2010-11-01 18:58:25 by GJBottomley

I just started working on the intro to my new animation "Rex the Sniper" should be around a week till its up depending on how much free time i'v got =)

I only just joined this site iv made a few animations before but i'm not going to be uploading them onto this site so iv decided to create a new animation or maybe a series of them. I plan on keeping them low quality and having the main element of the animation as the script and the sound effects.

my idea:
Rex, an assassin for hire. in each episode I plan to give him a job for example he gets hired to kill a cute puppy he stares it down and the puppy pulls cute puppy dog eyes then he just blows its face off and walks off i only plan on having each episode a brief 30 seconds or so what i do need are some idea's so if anyone wishes to get involved please leave me a message.